Electric Vehicle Charging

Iain Meikle Electrical are fully registered, trained and government approved installers of electric vehicle charging points. We are registered with both the home charge scheme (EVHS) and workplace charging scheme (WCS) to offer grant funding for domestic and commercial clients. We are OLEV approved EV installers which allows us to apply for funding on your behalf making the process of installing an Electrical Vehicle Charger to your home effortlessly. Our company is NICIEC registered and fully insured.


Electrical Vehicle Home Charge Scheme (EVHS)

We can secure you a £350 government grant via the OLEV (office for low emission vehicles) scheme we are approved by. Further to that, we are one of a small number of installers that are approved by the Scottish Energy Savings Trust to grant you a further £300 to your electric vehicle home charge point. This is an exceptional offer of up to £650 towards your new home charging point.

For more information on how we can help you, check out Government and Energy Savings Trust guidance at the following links:

  • £350 Grant - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/customer-guidance-electric-vehicle-homecharge-scheme
  • £300 Grant - http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/grants-loans/domestic-charge-point-funding

Workplace Charging Scheme

WCS is available to business, charity and public sector organisations. Many businesses are recognising the need to supply staff and customers with chargers at their workplace and retail sites, demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment and promote brand values. Statistics show than an employee would be 6 times more likely to own an electric vehicle if their workplace had charging facilities, combined with fantastic benefit in kind tax savings it will provide convenience and keep staff and clients happy.

The WCS scheme offers up to 40 sockets across one or multiple sites owned by the same client at £350 per socket, an impressive grant funding total of £14,000. The energy savings trust also typically offers up to 50% funding per 7kw socket after OLEV deductions, this is on a case by case basis and they need to be contacted prior to the install.

For more information on how we can help you, check out Government workplace charging guidance and frequently asked questions: